10 Foot EZ Rail Set

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The NEW  10 Foot EZ-Rail System from Granberg!

The best way to make a perfect first cut with a Granberg Mill, now even better!

Comes in two 5 foot sections. Makes for easy transport and increased versatility.

Design upgrades include: Longer rail system. Single piece dog hinge plate for easier assembly. Four cross members for added stability.

Can be used with G778 Mills, sizes 24” -84” and the G777 Small Log Mill.

Larger crossbars available for logs that are greater than four feet in diameter.

Aircraft-grade aluminum rails provide a stable surface that attaches in seconds and is easily leveled left to right, front and back. Cross members are adjustable along whole length of the EZ rails. Hammer in dogs attached to cross members, set levels using a screwdriver or drill, then start milling


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