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Alaskan Mark III 30" Mill and Aluminum EZ-Rail Guide

People often ask us how to get a straight and flat first cut when using the Alaskan Mill. This video shows how this is achieved using the EZ rail system. This can also be achieved by laying a long ladder across the top of the log or by using the slabbing bracket kit and some lengths of 4 x 2 timber.

Granberg - Making a Flat Platform with G850 Brackets

This video shows a first cut being made using slabbing brackets attached to lengths of 4 x 2. It also shows the Alaskan small log mill being used, although the slabbing bracket kit can also be used with the bigger mills.

Granberg - Cutting Cedar Boards with the Alaskan Mark III 30" Chainsaw Mill (Spanish)

Check out the Alaskan MK III Mill cutting some cedar boards and what the finished product looks like!

Granberg - Edging Logs with the G555B Mini-Mill

The Granberg G555B Mini mill is a great addition to the MK III. This video shows how it is used to edge logs.